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Fräsmaschine REVO 540CX
Revo 540C in action
     Fräsmaschine REVO 540C
  • Wachsfräsen
  • 4 Achsen
  • schnelle Erstellung von Wachsmodellen
  • hohe Oberflächenqualität
  • hohe Geometrievielfalt (Hinterschnitte)
  • Automatische NC Programmierung direkt
    unter MATRIX
  • z.Zt. die kostengünstigste RapidPrototyping
    Methode für Schmuckteile
Technische Daten
360VA/216W (oder 3A at 120V)

Höhe: 885mm
Tiefe: 699mm
Breite: 1207mm


Dual Spindle Technology
Two high-speed spindles (Vertical 30,000 RPM and Horizontal 20,000 RPM) approach the model from two different directions, providing a more sophisticated approach to milling than has ever been available in the jewelry industry. This exclusive configuration allows almost any model to be machined completely without the hassle of changing fixtures or part position, and results in easier set-up, more accurate models, and improved repeatability. Two different cutters can even be installed in each spindle, and the inside of a ring may be completely hollowed out without sacrificing accuracy or stability. Dual-Spindle technology produces advanced models in a single operation, virtually eliminating the need to change fixtures.
Surface Finish
Advances in toolpath options mean advances in surface finish, improving on the high-quality finish available from past generations of Revo mills. Every part on the Revo540C – including cutters, wax, spindle speed, cutting speed, and toolpath generation – works together as a completely integrated system to produce a very high level of surface finish.

USB Control
The faster and more efficient USB connectivity between PC and mill means increased speed and improved reliability.

New Overall Design
While the underlying frame was retained from the 540B model, the spindle, A axis, coolant pump, surrounding spindle housing, and computer support have all been completely redesigned. Brand-new fixture mounts and catch-all trays for storage, top-mounted work-light, universal stop button, and encased laptop control computer all reflect design and technology updates.

Tool-less Fixtures
Fixtures are key to milling quality models with minimum set-up time. The Revo540C takes this concept to a whole new level: nearly every set-up process is can be performed without the use of tools. Years of research and development have led to five new easy-to-use, hand-tightened fixtures allowing machining of almost any model with superior ease-of-use and no sacrifice in part quality.

Advanced Toolpaths
Another revolution in the jewelry industry, making advanced toolpaths is now as easy as selecting the part you want to mill. Revo 540C’s exclusive toolpath software makes significant advancements by automatically calculating the numerous ways to create a toolpath for your model. Many processes that were previously “advanced” are now automatically produced. You select the level of accuracy and efficiency necessary for a particular model and the software does the rest: maximizing the angles available to achieve the best possible surface finish and creating the output file.
Revo Procedure Manager
Revo540C offers the next generation of control software: Revo Procedure Manager. Designed to make your job easier, this completely redesigned software guides you from beginning to end through the set-up and assembly for each job. Easy-to-follow prompts and graphics help ensure you don’t get out of sequence or forget a step, thereby enabling you to create more accurate, higher quality parts.

Dual Pump and Filter
Machining models with the finest, most narrow tools provides the best part detail, while high spindle speeds offer the best surface finishes. To allow for these superior levels of performance, both tools and wax must be kept cool. The Revo 540C’s newly redesigned dual pump and filter system ensure proper coolant levels and recirculation of coolant to yield the best results even in highly-detailed models.



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