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V-Ray für Rhino

V-Ray für Rhino
V-Ray für Rhino

V-Ray für Rhino

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Product Overview

V-Ray for Rhino 3.6 offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism. The plug-in works with Robert McNeel & Associates’ Rhinoceros, which is one of the most popular Windows-based NURBS modeling tools available today.

Rhino users in all fields - from engineering and product design to 3D animation - depend on V-Ray as a quick, easy and cost efficient way to render their most cutting-edge images.

Licensing with USB Key (25,-€ +MWSt)




Easy to learn and easy to use, V-Ray works seamlessly with Rhino’s versatile 3D modeling tools.


V-Ray lets you render the highest quality images possible – right in Rhino.


V-Ray gives you the power to render anything and everything – from quick concepts to your largest and most detailed 3D models.


Render fast, design faster. V-Ray for Rhino lets you spend more time being creative and less time waiting.


Focus on design, with a full set of creative tools for lights, materials and rendering.


Top designers rely on V-Ray every day to visualize world-class products, buildings and more.

Product Overview

V-Ray for Rhino offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism. The plug-in works with Robert McNeel & Associates’ Rhinoceros, which is one of the most popular Windows-based NURBS modeling tools available today.

Rhino users in all fields - from engineering and product design to 3D animation - rely on V-Ray as a quick, easy and cost efficient way to render their most cutting-edge images.


Trains V-Ray Rhino@ Ricard Sebastià
Twin-engine performance

V-Ray comes with two powerful rendering engines. With CPU or GPU acceleration, you can choose the fastest one for your hardware.

V-Ray for Rhino Interactive Rendering
Interactive rendering

Render while you design. See results right away as you adjust lights, materials and cameras.

V-Ray for Rhino Global Illumination© Gund Partnership
Global illumination

Render realistic rooms and interiors with V-Ray’s powerful and fast global illumination.

V-Ray for Rhino Accurate Lights© Federico Fernandez
Accurate lights

Render natural and artificial lighting with a wide range of built-in light types.

V-Ray for Rhino Environment Lighting
Environment lighting

Light your scenes with a single high-dynamic-range image (HDRI) of its environment.

V-Ray for Rhino Sun & Sky
Sun & sky

Render realistic daylight for any time and any location.

V-Ray for Rhino Real-World Cameras
Real-world cameras

Work like a photographer with controls for exposure, white balance and depth of field.

© Travis Serio
Physical materials

Create great looking materials that look exactly like the real thing.

V-Ray for Rhino Detailed Textures
Detailed textures

Create detailed and unique materials using texture maps or one of V-Ray’s built-in procedural textures.

V-Ray for Rhino Proxy Objects
Proxy objects

Add highly detailed and complex objects like grass, trees, and cars with memory-efficient proxy models.

Matus Nedecky Sydney Architecture© Matus Nedecky
Render elements

Render separate layers for more artistic control in image-editing software.

V-Ray for Rhino Frame Buffer
Frame buffer

Track your render history and fine-tune colors, exposure, and more directly in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

V-Ray Scene Export
V-Ray scene export

Share complete, ready-to-render V-Ray 3 for Rhino files with any V-Ray 3.4 or higher application.

V-Ray for Rhino Grasshopper Support
Grasshopper support

Render your parametric designs directly in Grasshopper.

See what’s new in V-Ray 3 for Rhino
V-Ray for Rhino New UI

Designer-friendly user interface for faster and easier workflows.

V-Ray for Rhino Material Library

Select from over 500 drag and drop materials to speed up your next project.

V-Ray Swarm

Render with maximum power using V-Ray’s new simple and scalable distributed rendering.

V-Ray for Rhino Denoiser

Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%

V-Ray for Rhino Virtual Reality

Render VR content for popular virtual reality headsets.

V-Ray for Rhino Section Cuts

Render quick cutaways and cross sections with V-Ray Clipper.

V-Ray for Rhino Aerial Perspective

Add depth to your images with realistic atmospheric effects.

Grass & Fur

Create realistic grass, fabrics and carpet with V-Ray Fur.


What's new in V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino?

V-Ray RT® - Interactive responses and a streamlined scene composition with GPU ray tracing up to 30 times faster from directly inside the Rhino viewport.



V-Ray Wrapper Material - Can be used to specify additional properties per material. You can now create true matte materials which show the background as opposed to the base material.



V-Ray Express* - Users can easily access more than 200 materials and interchangeable lighting setups to create realistic studio scenes and illuminate models faster than ever.

*V-Ray Express is available separately from our downloads page.


HDR Light Studio Support* - Live connection to HDR Light Studio with Light Paint feature accessed directly within Rhino, providing the most intuitive and creative way to light a design.

*The V-Ray for Rhino HDR Light Studio live connection is only supported on Rhino 5 64-bit and requires a license of HDR Light Studio 4.3 or higher.


V-Ray Material - A brand new compact and optimized material for V-Ray that includes parameters to adjust diffuse, reflection, and refraction.


V-Ray for Rhino Key Features

Here are some key features of V-Ray for Rhino:

Dome Light - create simple, artifact-free image-based lighting using the Dome Light. Its powerful importance sampling analyzes HDR images and optimizes light tracing and GI precision.



V-Ray Proxy - an indispensable tool for managing scene memory and efficiently rendering massive amounts of geometry. V-Ray Proxy objects are dynamically loaded and unloaded at render-time, saving vital RAM resources.

Click here to watch the video in Spanish.


Lens Effects (Glare / Bloom ) - simulate the natural lens effects that occur when photographing highlights.

Click here to watch the video in Spanish.


Dispersion - trace and refract light based on its wavelength.

Click here to watch the video in Spanish.


Ambient Occlusion - generate shading based on an object’s proximity, and enhance GI details without significantly increasing render time.

Click here to watch the video in Spanish.


Check out the full list of features.



Pricing & Upgrade Policy

Chaos Group products are licensed per machine and with one V-Ray for Rhino license you can start and use V-Ray GUI and tools inside the platform, start one local render job, speed up rendering using distributed rendering on up to 10 render slaves.

To provide optimum security, reliability, and portability Chaos Group requires a hardware key to license its software. This hardware security key safely protects the V-Ray License from computer malfunctions, routine hardware maintenance, and equipment changes; and it provides users the ability to use V-Ray on multiple machines.

It is important to note that the hardware key is not a node-locked device. The V-Ray License Server is a floating license system, allowing multiple users to check out a license up to the maximum concurrent number of licenses available.

The official suggested end user price of a single new license of V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino is 690 EUR/ 960 USD/ 590 GBP.

The upgrade to 2.0 is free for current holders of commercial V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino licenses.

Crossgrade to V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino from all supported platforms is possible. Please, contact our sales team at sales.software@chaosgroup.com for details.

Note: Prices do not include dongle/VAT/shipping.

Chaos Group Academic Policy


System Requirements

     • Pentium, Celeron, or higher processor.
     • 200 MB disk space.
     • 512 MB RAM minimum. 2-3 GB or more recommended.


Supported Platforms

V-Ray for Rhino runs only on:
     • Windows 2000 including server
     • Windows XP Pro
     • Windows XP Home
     • Windows Vista*
     • Windows 7*
     • Windows 10*

V-Ray for Rhino will not run on:
     • Windows NT
     • Windows 95
     • Windows 98
     • Windows ME
     • OS X or lower
     • Linux

* V-Ray for Rhino runs as a 32-bit application on Windows x64 and will also run as a 64-bit application with the 64-bit version of Rhino 5.

* Virtualization systems such as VMWare and Parallels are not recommended.

* Currently we do not have a version of V-Ray for Rhino on the OS X platform. We have been in contact with Robert McNeel and Associates regarding the options for porting our Windows version of V-Ray for Rhino to Rhino for OS X. However, Rhino for OS X is in the work-in-progress phase and the official Rhino OS X SDK for third party developers is not yet available. We will continue to investigate our options and will announce news on V-Ray for Rhino OS X as soon as it becomes available.


(Applicable to ASGVIS customers who purchased V-Ray for Rhino before May 27, 2011)

Rhinoceros® is a registered trademark of Robert McNeel & Associates. V-Ray is a registered trademark of Chaos Software.

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